Nigerian Women in PR

Nigerian Women in PR, established in 2019, is an independent social impact organisation created to build a robust network of practicing and aspiring female public relations professionals of Nigerian descent. Its aim is to support, inspire and empower these professionals while improving access to career advancing opportunities. With our robust programs including #PRin30Seconds, Students Summit and #ThrivethruPR, we are determined to support female public relations professionals get and retain a seat at the table where far-reaching decisions are made.

The initiatives of the Nigerian Women in PR Community are designed to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 4: to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all; and 8: to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Membership Categories

The Inspired

The Inspired Membership category is strictly for undergraduates and young female professionals with up to five (5) working experience in public relations and its related field. This category is designed for young ladies who are seeking more knowledge about public relations and taking fledging steps in the industry. With programs specifically designed for them, we will encourage and show them the path to success in their journey.

Inspired Members receive direct guidance and mentorship from the Empowered Members.

The Empowered

The Empowered Membership category is for female professionals with five (5)-fifteen (15) years experience – essentially professionals in mid-management. Knowing that entry level positions in public relations are filled by up to 70% women, and less than 25% women get up to senior management and board levels – it is obvious that the mid-management stage is where critical attention is required.

What challenges do women in PR face when they are Managers? What barriers hinder them from ascending the career ladder? What workplace policies or life occurrences present as threats to the advancement of middle managers to management staff? These questions will be addressed head-on, with practical solutions proffered via our seminars, events, stakeholder engagement sessions and multi-industry interactions.
Empowered members are mentored and guided into the inner circle of management by the Sage Supporters.

The Sage Supporters

These are our de-facto patrons and advisors. Women who have scaled the hurdles and broke through the ranks to become one of the coveted 25% women who make up management teams across the world, particularly as public relations professionals.

Our Sage Supporters are women in public relations and communications who are management and board members. Wisdom many times can be lonely in an environment saturated with ignorance of one’s profession. Our Sage Supporters will not only have an exclusive intimate platform to interact amongst themselves, they will also identify and extend access to members of The Empowered Group who have demonstrated competence to handle increased job responsibilities.

Membership Application