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BHM Research and Intelligence in partnership with Nigerian Women in PR and other key Public Relations (PR) stakeholders in Africa has officially launched the maiden edition of the Africa PR and Communications report with verified data, facts, and statistics on the continent’s Public Relations industry.

The Africa PR and Communications Report (APCR) is the first global communications report from Africa covering 29 countries in North, Southern, East, Central, and West Africa with content gathered through focus group discussions (FGDs), interviews, surveys, and essay contributions. Serving as the first of its kind on the continent, the report presents detailed research, expert insights, and perspectives to strategically underscore Africa’s position and influence within the global PR industry.

According to Ayeni Adekunle, BHM Founder and APCR Committee chair, “The maiden edition of the Africa PR & Communications Report is a momentous event in the history of PR practice on the continent. It, amongst many things, allows us to critically evaluate the journey, understand the problems, and suggest actions to explore opportunities based on verified data, facts, and experiences of practitioners across Africa.” 

He further expressed; “This is the first step in rallying all practitioners and stakeholders on the continent to understand what is possible and actions to embark upon, but we must first acknowledge that no significant influence can be achieved without key data and information. We are enthused about the new insights provided in the APCR and how they’ll shape PR and communication practice in Africa as we know it, for the benefit of the continent and its one-billion-strong people.”

The publication is compiled in partnership with the Nigerian Women in PR, Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR UK), Rwanda Communications Network, Uganda Advertising Association, Central University Ghana, Black House Media (BHM) UK, Women In PR Ghana (WIPRG), Magna Carta Reputation Management Consultants, Wadds Inc., African Public Relations Association (APRA), CIPR International, the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO), Africa Communications Week (ACW), amongst other influential groups within the field of public relations and communications.

Insightful statistics from the APCR that can guide future actions by PR and communication practitioners include: 17.3% of respondents predict that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be most predominant in the practice of PR in the next 5 to 10 years; economic instability and lack of funding or cash flow represent two of the prime issues facing businesses or clients in Africa, polling 21% and 17% respectively; 11% of respondents are concerned about quacks and charlatans in the industry and; the public sector/ government remains one of the top clients in the industry.

Moliehi Molekoa, an adviser on the APCR Committee and the Managing Director of Magna Carta, a pan-African reputation management consultancy, reiterated that “The time has come to immortalise the art of PR in Africa, harnessing the wealth of resources and opportunities at our disposal, while taking advantage of information, data, and expert insights to unleash our extraordinary professional prowess. With Africa’s resounding pursuit of growth and the bestowed recognition upon it, the APCR not only elevates the skill level and practice within the industry but also propels us into a position of influence, fortifying the continent’s reputation and ultimately ushering prosperity for the African people.”

Expressing excitement on the Report, Tolulope Olorundero, Founder of Nigerian Women In PR stated that “The value of the Public Relations Industry and the monumental impact it can have on the African continent cannot be fully unlocked until we as public relations practitioners take the responsibility to showcase the profession as the serious business that it is. That is why Nigerian Women In PR is excited to partner with APRCR to produce this authoritative report by Africans who understand the nuances and intricacies of the PR industry in Africa for both the continent and the world”.

The report which is a must-read, a valuable resource that offers insights into the diverse communication landscape in Africa for both PR and Communications practitioners and non-practitioners alike can be accessed online here:

BHM Research and Intelligence, publishers of the APCR  is a  division of Black House Media (BHM), Africa’s leading public relations and reputation management consultancy. BR&I has produced all the editions of the Nigeria PR Report since its inception;  Concept of Virality, BHM’s Guide to Public Relations, and BHM’s Look Into The Future, among other projects. BHM also supported the 2023 edition of the Nigerian Women in PR’s Flagship Experiencing PR Conference, a gathering of business leaders, public office holders, and public relations professionals who have experienced the value of public relations and can speak on its direct impact on their work and businesses.

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