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What’s PR without engaging one’s publics? Non-existent! Right at the core of establishing goodwill and mutual understanding lies a great amount of engagement between an organisation and its publics.

Today, we’ll be taking you through some steps to help your target audience engage with your campaigns.

1. Be Positive

Campaigns and content which arouse emotions like excitement and wonder are shared more often than content eliciting a more negative response. This was revealed in research from Berger and Milkman, which analysed thousands of articles from New York Times to find the factors that fuel shareability. The results showed a strong relationship between virality and content that evokes positive emotion.

2. Offer Insight

Campaigns and content that educate your audience and provide insightful answers to your audience’s burning questions invites engagement by sparking conversations.

This content can be delivered in the form of thought leadership articles which give expert opinions on industry issues, and answer commonly asked questions to help build and grow your brand into the industry authority on such matters.

3. Be Actionable

Asides creating insightful content on an issue, make sure to give helpful tips that will be useful in overcoming such issues. For maximum impact, your advice should be extremely practical and very different from what your market competitors are offering.

4. Engage using social media

Unlike the past when only those in PR or media could easily voice their opinions on products and services, blogging sites and online review platforms have now created a shared narrative — opening a two-way street of communication which is plastered across the internet for all to see.

5. User-Generated Content

This works like magic! Share content that has been curated by your audience. In exchange for exposure on your accounts, ask your community to send in or post images and videos of themselves using your product or service. This enhances the sense of community you want to create and motivates your audience to want to be highlighted.

Start putting these tips to use and say hello to audience engagement!


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