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Public relations entails managing and distributing information from a personal or corporate brand to the public to sustain or build a positive public reputation; Hence it is essential that you keep up with these trends and understand them well enough to apply them to your organisation to thrive in the fast paced world and remain outstanding in the industry. 


  1. Data insights: Great work, time, and money go into every PR campaign to build and maintain brand credibility. With Technology, measuring campaign success and data collection can be done with ease. Maximise all the opportunities available for your organisation to capitalise on data insights to sustain your public reputation.


2. Unique and personalised pitches: stay on top of the journalists and reporters’ mind by personalising your pitch. Invest time in getting to know the reporters or journalists’ interests which will in turn win you the journalist’s attention and establish a great relationship with them, resulting in amazing media coverage.


3. Influencer Marketing: This form of social media marketing, that utilises endorsements and mentions from people with an established social influence or expertise in their field, has helped several brands build integrity and credibility. Research and know how to implement this strategy to help achieve your organisational goals for the new year.

4. Embrace Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity initiatives: Making these initiatives top priorities in the workplace is key. Research and understand what Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity mean to drive DIE initiatives in the workplace. Consider rehauling your current operations to build an Inclusive, collaborative, and sustainable work culture system.


5. Internal and External Communication: The importance of crisis and internal communication can not be overemphasized. Prioritise how information is being shared within your organisation; the gathering, processing, and distribution of information to facilitate effective communications during a crisis. These two communication forms are crucial to your organisational success.


6. Increased Social Media Engagement: Leverage on your social media platforms as a tool to build your brand awareness, connect to new audiences, and increase your social media engagement by posting quality content, being consistent, being interactive with your audience, and staying authentic. Optimise the use of video and podcast content with the use of storytelling.

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