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Often publicised as a career that has a lot to do with press conferences, lunches, and parties, pursuing a career in Public relations takes a lot more. Putting the right foot in the career path can be unnerving. A career in Public relations is perfect for people craving rewarding challenges. Here are tips to guide you into building a career in public relations.

Build your writing skills: 

You must get your message across to your audience as fast as possible without stuffy words as a public relations professional. You must adapt to the demanding nature of the job, write for different audiences and know the appropriate tones to use when addressing these respective audiences. 

You also need to understand the type of writing and tones appropriate for various platforms. You must know how to write articles, press releases, blog posts and content for the various social media platforms.

Hone your communication skills:

As a public relations professional, your communication skills must be top-notch as you are the organisation’s mouthpiece. Be confident to speak and articulate your thoughts effectively. 

You must be imaginative and persuasive:

To excel as a Public relations professional, you have to be imaginative and persuasive enough to win people to listen to you. Being imaginative and persuasive will help you create audience-appealing content.

Promote yourself:

The best way to prove your skill in promoting a brand is by promoting yourself. Hone your personal brand promotion. Be assured of your skills, and be prepared to put yourself out there. Let people know you and what you do. 


Online and offline networking is key as you do not know where you would meet that needed contact. You must be willing to network and be open to meeting new people at events, conferences, and seminars.

Personal reputation management:

Ensure that your social media footprints put you in a positive light. A negative personal social media footprint can have a negative influence on your career. Thus, you should be conscious of what is on social media about you.

Understand the media space:

Understanding the media space will be a great benefit to you when pitching to professionals in the media space. Understanding the media space will help you pitch fitted stories to journalists and know what works best for each media organisation. Be updated on the current trends and information.

Maximise opportunities to gaining valuable experience:

Opportunities like volunteering and internships are great to help you gain valuable experiences. You get transferable skills that you can use on the job. Internships would help you gain a footing and acquire vital experience.


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