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Public Relations is the strategic management of the relationship between a brand and its Publics. Public relations activities and strategy are executed using various public relations tools. These tools are used to tell the brand story and foster strategic relationships between the brand and its various stakeholders. 

These PR tools are cost effective and often provide the organisation more control than most widely spread audience targeted adverts. Here are a number of tools used in Public relations;

  • Publications: PR professionals find news in favour of their clients in order to get their clients the desired publicity and reputation. They also make use of written publications such as annual reports, brochures, articles, company’s newsletter, and magazines. 
  • Branded materials: Corporately branded materials such as logos, stationeries, business forms and cards, uniforms, company cars, among others, are used as public relations tools.
  • Special events: Special events such as News conferences, press tours, seminars, exhibits, sponsorships, contests, among others, are used for Publicity and awareness.
  • Press releases: this tool is the fundamental tool used to gain publicity when it comes to story placement. Key information about the organisation, their products or services provided are created to spike the media’s interest and raise attention. This is done to fit the various platforms where the story would be published.
  • Fact sheets: This is used to provide more details about the organisation or brand which may not be contained in a press release. Details provided in a fact sheet include the origins and features.
  • Press Kits: This contains all the press releases, fact sheets and accompanying photographs about the clients or organisations into a neat pack. This folder gets attention and keeps the material arranged.
  • Community Service Programmes: Organisations must establish a good relationship with their immediate community. Thus, most organisations organise a series of programmes for the community where they are situated. Their employees also partake in these activities to establish a cordial relationship with members of these communities.

Activities such as scholarship awards, exhibitions, trade fairs, blood donations, intercommunity competition sponsorships, are examples of events used to gain publicity. This tool helps organisations build a strong image within the local community and among all its stakeholders.

  • Publicity Media: Media channels such as radio, Tv, documentaries, social media, internet, among others, are channels through which PR professionals tell stories of their clients to their publics to drive publicity goals. 
  • Media Tour: Public relations professionals gain and attract publicity for their clients and organisations through this tool. It involves the travelling of key personalities in the organisations to major locations and the promotion of the organisation, activities, products or services through several interviews where they talk about the organisation, its achievements, and uniqueness with media personnels and news houses. Famous personalities and celebrities are hired to publicise the organisation and its activities.
  • Speaking Engagement: This tool involves the interaction of personalities with their publics. Personalities get speaking engagements where they not only get to discuss interesting topics with the audience but they also get to speak about their organisation, products or services, and achievements. Most Public professionals seek speaking engagement for their clients as a publicity tool.

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