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Writing a effective press release that grabs attention and generates publicity requires proficiency and great storytelling skills.

We bring you six amazing tools to make your next press release a walk in the park.

1. Headline Analyzer

 It helps you analyse your press release’s headline and determine the headline’s Emotional Marketing Value score. The score is based on the number of EMV words in relation to the total. Also, it helps you find out which emotions are targeted by your headline. In summary, it scores your headlines based on length, word choice, headline type, and emotional sentiment

2. The PR Toolkit

It is a free toolkit from PR Newswire and Yahoo! Small Business. You can use it to learn PR methods to get indexed, grab the attention of the media, drive traffic to your site, and track your results. In addition to sample news releases, it includes a Press Release Wizard and templates.

3. PitchEngine

This content creation tool helps you publish your messages to the web and mobile. Compose a Pitch with all of the content you need to share, including video and slideshows, select the style that suits your target, and publish to PitchFeed, websites, and social media.

4. iReach

This cost-effective online content distribution platform leverages the established PR Newswire network. Geared to small business owners, marketers, and bloggers. iReach users can distribute content ranging from information about new products, to upcoming webinars, special offers to customers, organizational news, and more.

5. Cliché Finder

 It’s a really simple, yet intuitive tool that searches the Associated Press Guide to News Writing for clichés in your copy. With Cliché Finder’s help, you avoid the use of overused, lazy, and tedious phrases.

6. Prezly

This is a tool to manage your PR campaigns. Create multimedia pressrooms and social press releases, using your own brand colors or custom skin. Distribute to your email contacts and followers on Facebook or Twitter. See who reads your emails, when they do it, who downloads your attachments, and who isn’t interested. Increase email response rates with media previews.

There you go! Make your next press release a breeze with these amazing tools.

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