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“PR professionals are needed by organisations for media relations, event management, and crisis management only” is a misconception that has lingered so long in the minds of many. Some PR professionals lack knowledge on when they are needed by firms; hence, their underperformance. 

A PR professional is not concerned with advertisement. They do not only write press releases; they are also not solely concerned with coverage. They are involved in the strategic communication process towards building mutually beneficial relationships between them and their public.

PR professionals are needed on the promotional and protective sides of a brand. On the promotional side, they help develop a brand’s positive reputation using various unearned communication channels such as social media, blog posts, traditional media, among others.

They help brands retain and secure their reputations during crises on the protective side of the brand. Public Relations professionals help build relationships between a brand and its public through credible means such as known news media houses, among others. Public relations professionals play a key role in a conglomerate.

Apart from shaping the brand’s image, they play a pivotal role in branding, disseminating messages and reducing negative publicity effects. These professionals are a great influence on how investors, employees and the public perceive the corporation. They serve as advisers in managing companies’ reputations.

PR practitioners help the leaders prepare for press conferences, interviews, develop information to convey to the investors, and come up with new ideas that would keep the corporation on the cutting edge of communication with their stakeholders through consistent research and keeping up with trends of the day.

Using Press releases, newsletters, story pitches, press conferences, byline articles, social media platforms, brand videos, shareholders meetings, among other media, PR professionals help write a positive story about the brand. They build strong relationships between the brand and its numerous stakeholders.

The need for PR professionals can not be overemphasized, as they are not only needed for day to day smooth running of the physical corporate organisation. Also, they manage all the social media accounts of the company through captivating and engaging content creation. These content engage and sustains the cordial relationship of the firm with its publics.

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