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We live in an ever-evolving world, hence the need to be sure that one’s chosen career path is still relevant to modern-day dynamics. With a Public Relations degree, there’s no need to worry about relevance or impact, because it continues to check both boxes.

Here are some of the reasons why a PR degree remains relevant in today’s world:

1. Abundant Job Opportunities – PR graduates can find employment in many sectors, such as media, government agencies, non-profit organisations, educational institutions and many more establishments.

2. Career Flexibility – PR professionals can choose not to stick to one job and may switch careers easily.

3. Communication Expertise – Regardless of your current career path, a postgraduate degree in PR will improve your research, verbal communication, and presentation skills.

4. Proficiency with Various Media – PR campaigns span across every media of communication, so practitioners are well-rounded mass communicators.

Are you convinced?

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