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‘Tis the season!

Christmas period is always a great time to win over the hearts of your existing and potential clients/customers. So, we curated a few tips to help with spicing up your Digital PR this Christmas.

1. Capitalise on holiday themes

Nobody likes a kill-joy during the holidays, even when it comes to advertising and branding. It’s time to build brand associations between traditional holiday themes and your business, so try coming up with catchy slogans, copy and designs that are based on the traditions of the season.

2. Build Personalised Campaigns

Making people feel unique is a big part of the Christmas season, and now is the ideal time to add individualised touches to your PR plans. As you know, personalised branded content is in high demand these days, and during the holiday shopping season, consumers will appreciate customization even more.

3. Create Interactive Holiday Deals

Any effective digital marketing plan needs originality and innovation because the digital marketing sector is undergoing constant change. For example, if you want to create an original and creative promotion to run over the holidays, you should consider creating a holiday giveaway.

4. Create a Holiday Newsletter

Christmas newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with existing customers while increasing your brand awareness among new prospects. If you’re thinking about creating a newsletter, then you should start now.

5. Get Started Early and Stick it Out

Although some might disagree, it is actually never too early to begin holiday preparations. It is crucial to organise your Christmas marketing as soon as you can if you are contacting media outlets, before they are flooded with pitches from competing brands fighting for placement.

Also,your campaigns should not end on Christmas day. Take the rest of the year as a part of the festive period (which it is) and make sure to include it in your holiday campaign.

There you go! Make the most of your digital PR this season.


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