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An excellent pitch will give your organisation a much-needed competitive advantage.

Today, we bring you five awesome tips for pitching your organistion to potential clients. These tips combine to form an great pitch.

They are:

1. Extensive Research

You need to be in tune with important facts and figures concerning your potential clients. Find out about their workforce, strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities of the organisation you are pitching to. This will enable you to provide solid point that will draw them to your pitch. It will also help you answer most questions they may have.

2. Ask Intelligent Questions

There are certain smart questions that one can ask to aid their performance, especially for clients that do not have much information about their brand out there.

3. Keep your pitch short

Make sure to encapsulate your points in the least amount of time possible. Clients like to hear solutions, rather than beating round the bush. It shows your competence.

4. Have a confident outlook

You need to confident enough to sell your firm to a potential client. Extensive research aids with this. However, confident must be built from within first.

5. Have a pricing structure

While there is no universal category for pricing, be sure to have a minimum amount you can take for any job. This will ensure you do not undervalue yourself.

With these, you’re sure to make a good pitch that will leave a good impression and ultimately help you clinch new clients.





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